We welcome everyone, with or without experience

We want our students to feel comfortable and inspired to do well in their classes. Our trainers will watch over you with care and help you succeed at your pace. We believe in taking things one day at a time and ensure both physical and mental development in the healthiest way possible.

Norwood's #1 Martial Arts School!

Our Core Values

The martial arts aren't just about punching and kicking. Our value system promotes confidence, focus, and community. When you train in Kali, you'll gain all three!

Our Mission

We want to empower our students and our community with real-world self-defense skills, the confidence necessary to achieve, and fitness to last a lifetime.

Our Promise

When you train at Filipino Kali Academy, you'll get caring instructors and a supportive community. Train with confidence. Your journey begins here.


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Women's Self-Defense
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