Celebrating 10 Years of the Filipino School of NY and NJ

Celebrating 10 Years of the Filipino School of NY and NJ

The Filipino Kali Academy was so proud to be a part of the 10 Year Celebration  of The Filipino School of New York & New Jersey, a nonprofit organization serving communities within New York, New Jersey and beyond, and earlier this month. It is an established 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that promotes the learning of Philippine language and arts, and the understanding of Philippine culture, values and tradition throughout New York, New Jersey and beyond.

As October is Filipino American History Month, the Filipino Kali Academy presented a martial arts demonstration that consisted of a small team of children, teens and adults. Many Filipinos are not aware that we have a rich history of martial arts called "Kali" - the art of blade that also features impact weapons, empty hands and ground fighting. 

in addition to the indigenous martial art, several dances from the Southern Philippine region by Sining Kapuluan; and students from the school’s Sayawan Na! (Dance Now!) Philippine Folk Dance program who performed various rural dances with stringed accompaniment music played by the University of the Philippines Alumni & Friends Rondalla group of New Jersey.

Venessa Manzano, a nonprofit professional and Filipino-American community leader realized the need for a Filipino school in the NY/NJ area and started the school. Manzano mentioned that she recognized there was a dearth of educational tools on Philippine language and culture, especially in comparison to other ethnic groups like the Chinese, Koreans, French, Armenians and Japanese who had their own cultural schools.

The school then had their children’s Filipino language and cultural program operating in Jersey City along with the adult Filipino language program.

Now serving areas including Rockland County, NY; Queens, NY; Manhattan, NY; Bergen County, NJ; and Hudson County, NJ, the school also offers a language program for adults, Philippine folk dance classes, an annual summer potluck get-together, parol-making workshops, and other special workshops on Baybayin (Philippine ancient writing system), Filipino martial arts (arnis, kali), the kulintang (Philippine gongs), among others.

For more information on The Filipino School of New York & New Jersey, you may visit their Facebook page, Instagram account and website: www.filschool-nynj.org or if interested in training directly with the Filipino Kali Academy for martial arts in Norwood, NJ Hasbrouck Heights, NJ and Washington Heights, NY. please contact Head Instructor Ace Ramirez at fkamartialartsnj@gmail.com

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